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WSAB's Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program is the only one of its kind in Washington, providing government agencies and non-profit organizations with an opportunity to distribute important educational messages or calls-to-action to radio and television stations across the state.

PEP includes the participation of 165 commercial radio and television stations in Washington. Messages are distributed to EVERY market in Washington where members donate a message bank monthly to WSAB. Unlike a PSA, that is only aired if they have airtime available, PEP messages are scheduled via traffic orders in airtime pre-reserved for WSAB partners. WSAB's exclusive program offers proof of performance for ALL stations that participate. Reports are collected and tabulated the following month and a printed summary is provided, along with copies of all invoices/affidavits. No other organization in Washington has time reserved with all165 stations. WSAB tracks these messages until they meet your value match. Often exceeding participants' expectations! Through the WSAB PEP program, you will reach every citizen in Washington that watch Television or listen to radio.

The program is best suited for non-profit organizations and government agencies with public education campaigns for which they have SOME promotional budget, but not enough funds to buy sustained statewide coverage on ALL radio and television stations.


The Washington State Association of Broadcasters Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program has helped government agencies and non-profit organizations to reach audiences throughout the State since the early 1990s. The PEP program is simple, and has withstood the test of time.


A PEP contract with WSAB gives your organization or agency unique access to a bank of commercial airtime available at a fraction of the normal airtime rate! Through a PEP campaign, your organization or agency's message has the potential to reach citizens statewide on all 165 participating radio and/or television stations across the State of Washington. Broadcasters contribute their best available unsold commercial airtime to play the PEP announcements, providing the PEP Partner organizations and agencies hundreds of thousands of impressions in time periods far more varied than those of the typical public service announcement campaigns. WSAB requests our member Radio stations to air PEP Partner announcements throughout the week between 6 AM and 7 PM. Member TV stations are requested to air PEP Partner announcements throughout the week between 6 AM and Midnight. Your announcements are able to reach all demographic groups statewide every day!


Tourism, Voter information/deadlines, amber alert awareness, housing/mortgage assistance, teen pregnancy, quality child care/foster care, income tax prep assistance, recruitment, filing deadlines, veterans support, wildfire prevention, homeland security, domestic violence, consumer protection/fraud prevention, injury prevention, read to learn, child abuse, lead poisoning prevention, work zone safety, gambling addiction, rape prevention, traveler's hotline, organ/tissue donor program, school lunch programs, winter road conditions, immunization awareness, low income energy assistance, terrorism preparedness, WIC program, abstinence, Medicare fraud, oral health, early learning, elder abuse and many more.


A non-profit association, trade association or government agency makes an investment of $100,000, $25,000, or an agreed upon amount net to WSAB. The dollars invested support scholarships for Washington broadcast students, WSAB Legal Hotline, independent station inspections to ensure compliance with FCC Rules, educational seminars and skill development, and other services that WSAB could not otherwise afford.


OPTION A ANNUAL - For an annual (12 month) campaign, WSAB guarantees to deliver a minimum of $300,000 worth of airtime over a 12-month period, for an investment of $100,000. We are able to often times far exceed the 3:1 ratio. Stations will be asked to play 15 to 20 announcements per month.  

For a quarterly or 3 consecutive month campaign, WSAB will deliver a minimum of $50,000 worth of airtime over a quarterly period or a 3 consecutive month basis, for an investment of $25,000. We are able to often times far exceed the 2:1 ratio. Stations will be asked to play 10 to 20 announcements per month.

Since this is a customized plan, the parameters will be designed to reach a mutual agreement between the PEP Partner and WSAB. WSAB cannot guarantee a return on investment for a campaign of less than 3 consecutive months.

PEP Partners have the option of using both Radio and Television, or Radio only. WSAB does not provide a guaranteed return on investment for a TV only campaign, regardless of the length of the campaign.


Upon completion of each month of the campaign, stations provide WSAB with invoices/affidavits of performance documenting actual dates and times of play, and net dollar value of the air-time donated to the PEP Partner. Information will be compiled and presented to the PEP Partner as soon as possible after the end of each contractual month's information is received and compiled.


WSAB can accept separate campaigns/messages for which paid advertising in any mediaincluding radio, television, newspapers, billboards, etc., has NOT been used in the past twelve months. If a partner has separate campaigns/messages FOR DIFFERENT SUBJECTS, some of which are using paid advertising and some of which are not, WSAB can accept all separate campaigns/messages that are not using paid advertising.

The content of the PEP announcements should be of benefit to the public, a "COMMUNITY MESSAGE", and cannot include elected officials or potential candidates for elected office, political messages, defamatory or disparaging material.


PEP Partners will be responsible for providing master copies of broadcast quality, pre-produced MP3 format :30 second Radio spots, and :30 second DVD format or downloads of TV announcements to WSAB. (Spanish radio and television versions are highly recommended but not required). PEP Partners are responsible for all fees associated with creation and production of announcements.

WSAB will, at its own expense, duplicate and distribute the spots to participating stations.  

PEP Partners must provide appropriate tag (audio or visual) with each produced ad that reads "Sponsored by____________________ and the Washington State Association of Broadcasters."

PEP Partner logos and banner ads with URL, can be emailed to WSAB's PEP Program Manager for posting on the WSAB website and member stations' websites, where available.


Will provide timely payment of the agreed upon NET amount to WSAB (even though the actual value of airtime provided may exceed the minimum ratios outlined above.)

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